Welcome to Church Today!

We are finishing up our series of individuals in the
Bible that exhibited great faith.
And in today’s message,
Heroic Faith
(Part 3),
we will study the story of Jericho
and the prostitute Rabab.

How surprising to find faith here and what an
awesome reminder that:

There’s no limit to God’s ability to forgive
A changed life can also be known for much
more than past mistakes!

My prayer is that God’s rich Word will bring us a
renewed HOPE and TRUST in His incredible ability
to do real & special things through our lives!

Pastor Ray

Hebrews 11:30-31(GNT)
30 It was faith that made the walls of Jericho
fall down after the Israelites had
marched around them for seven days.
31 It was faith that kept the prostute Rahab from
being killed with those who disobeyed God, for
she gave the Israelite spies a friendly welcome.