God Chose You!!

We read the black and white letters in
scripture all the time that say nice little
things like that…we memorize
scripture…we share it with others when we
notice someone in need…we condemn with
scripture when it fits the situation…but do
we ever really ponder, digest, and fully
comprehend the exact dynamics that make
a text what it is?

Who was the author writing to? What was the situation at the
time of the statement? What was going on in the readers life
when the text was penned? Then, ask yourself, am I that same

When you read “Since God Chose You”, do you understand
what that means?

God was not surprised when you came into existence, God
wasn’t confused and wondering if you would be a good
investment with His Son’s life on the line. God knew that if you
walked this earth and He had a chance to bring you to heaven
one day, you were/are worth it!

I know that right now we are here for Camp Texico On-The-Go,
and we run youth ministry programming, but no matter the age,
no matter the number of attendees, God chose every soul that
walks through the doors of the church! God chose the
youngest, God chose the oldest, and the in-between! Where
are you? Do you realize that God chose you? Do your realize
that you are worth every pain and sorrow in His eyes! You are
chosen, even before you knew you needed to be chosen! And
you will never not be chosen!

It is our goal during this summer is to make sure that the young
people who attend summer camp know that heaven has their
name in it! If we do nothing else this summer, each young
person that attends will know that they can make it to heaven,
and Jesus is on their side!

This week has been filled with time building and launching
rockets! Learning to drive RC Cars! Understanding that like
certain chemicals are drawn to each other, Jesus wants to
draw near to us and us to Him! Like a slime bouncy ball with
lots of chemicals, Jesus fills us with all the fruits of the spirit to
be made into something and someone better that who we are!
We can go on and on with the different ways we show our
young people Jesus, but at the end of the day we want them to
know most of all that Jesus is their friend, and Heaven is
attainable, and we want to be there together!

As always Lubbock, we love being here and look forward to
when we can come back! You are loved and prayed for!

-Pastor Eric and the Camp Texico Team!