In Luke 15:8-10, we find the intriguing
parable of the Lost Coin. This parable
teaches us that, just like the coin, we
may be physically present but spiritually
lost. It reminds us that our appearance
and location are not enough for God’s
purpose. Let’s explore two key lessons
from this parable.

Firstly, the coin’s shiny exterior may have deceived it into
thinking it was sufficient. However, the owner of the coin
desired to use it for greater purposes beyond its
appearance. Similarly, we often underestimate our
potential and fail to realize that God has designed us for a
unique purpose. Our true worth lies not in our outward
appearance, but in how we allow ourselves to be used by
the Master.

Secondly, the coin had value, but it remained unaware of
its true worth. Likewise, we possess inherent value
bestowed upon us by our Creator. God desires to use our
talents, influence, and blessings to impact others, glorify His
name, and bring joy to the world. However, until we are
found, we cannot fulfill these divine plans. It is essential for
us to recognize our value and allow God to work through
us for His honor and glory.

Sometimes, we may find ourselves lost within the walls of a
church, trapped in routine, or confined by our own habits.
However, today is an opportunity for a genuine encounter
with God. He seeks to find us, celebrate our salvation, and
share the joyous experience with others.

Let us embrace the message of the Lost Coin and
remember that we are not merely objects in a building,
but treasured creations of the Almighty. May we open our
hearts to God’s search, allowing Him to guide us toward
fulfilling our purpose and experiencing the true joy of

In conclusion, the Lost Coin parable reminds us of our
hidden potential and the value we possess. Just as the coin
was found and celebrated, God longs to find and use us for
His divine purposes. Let us embrace this truth, allowing
God to transform our lives and bring glory to His name.

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Pastor Raul