Dear Church Family,

In the book of 1 Kings 17:1-7, we
find a powerful story of how God
provided for the prophet Elijah
during a time of great need. Elijah
was tasked with delivering a message
of repentance to the people of
Israel, but due to their unbelief, God decided to stop
the rain. Despite the challenging circumstances, God
remained faithful to Elijah, providing for his every

One key lesson we can draw from this passage is the
assurance that God always provides for His children.
Just as He supplied water and food for Elijah in the
wilderness, we can trust that God will meet our
needs in every season of life. This assurance brings
us peace of mind, knowing that we serve a God who
cares for us deeply.

It is also worth noting how God chose to provide for
Elijah through unconventional means. Instead of
sending a more “clean” or expected source of
sustenance, God used ravens to bring food to Elijah.
These birds are not known for being the most
pristine creatures, yet God used them to
demonstrate His provision in a miraculous way.

This unconventional provision serves as a reminder
that God’s ways are not our ways. He can use anyone
or anything to accomplish His purposes, regardless of
how we may perceive their cleanliness or suitability.
Just as God used Elijah, imperfect and human, to
deliver His message to the people of Israel, He can
use each one of us to share the gospel with those in

So, let us take heart in the fact that God can work
through us, despite our imperfections and
shortcomings. As we seek to bring the bread of life to
those who hunger for spiritual nourishment, let us do
so with confidence, knowing that God equips and
empowers us for His divine purposes.

May this story of Elijah’s provision and ministry inspire
us to trust in God’s faithfulness, to step out in faith,
and to share His love with those around us. May we
find peace in the knowledge that God is our ultimate
Provider, Sustainer, and Guide.

Blessings to you all,
Pastor Raul Alvarez