Last Sunday morning the clouds were dark and foreboding. We did not want it to rain until our “Let’s Move Day” walking event was over.

The halls of the church were filled with the sounds of Pathfinders and LJA students all ready to walk a mile. Our day started with a worship emphasizing a lifelong habit of walking as beneficial to our overall health now and in the future.

After worship, 25 energetic young people and adults walked and/or ran from the church to 58th Street and back. Breakfast was waiting for everyone back in the Fellowship Hall. While some ate, others walked another mile. Demond and Daneeque Woolfolk showed all of us up by jogging six miles. Our church racked up nearly 60 walking miles which will be reported to, and tallied into, the North American Division’s goal of walking two-million miles this year.

After our walk, the rain came down in sheets. We believe that God kept the rain away until we were finished. Someday soon, we will walk into Jerusalem just like John. Let’s keep moving until the day Jesus comes!

Susan Zimmermann