Why do you follow Jesus? Sometimes, it is easy to forget why we fell in love with Jesus and chose Him to be our Savior, especially for those of us that have grown up in the church and our weekly fellowship time has just become part of our identity. It’s easy to get lost in the routines of life and forget that there is something amazing about this man whose name is Jesus.

As we pick up again with our Start With Why sermon series we are going to begin our deeper analysis of the life and teachings of Jesus. We are going to examine the incredible miracles that He did for people two millennia ago and we are going to examine Why it all matters today.

This week we are going to look at Jesus’ interactions with people and a miracles story in John 2. Sometimes it is easy to only focus on the very nature of the miracle and the nature of the wine. Is it fermented grape juice or is it not? But the reality is that this miracle has so much more of an impact on the newly wed couple than the act of providing them with a larger supply of beverages for the party. Notice the following statement by William Barclay:

“The very richness of the Fourth Gospel presents those who would study it and anyone who would expound it with a problem. Always there are two things. There is a simple surface story that anyone can understand and retell; but there is also a wealth of deeper meaning for those who have the eagerness to search and the eyes to see and the minds to understand” (William Barclay, The Gospel of John, p 112).

Why did Jesus do it? Why should we spend some time in deeper study? Why does this matter to me on April 2, 2016? And Why should I apply these lessons to my life?

Let’s find out together as we try to Start With Why.

– Pastor Geraldo