Lubbock Junior Academy has adopted the recently released science program designed by Kendall Hunt Publishing and the NAD North American Division of Education. Kendall Hunt is a textbook publishing company in Dubuque, IA.

The science series is called By Design which is multidimensional in content and offers a balanced integration of science and health. It focuses on the users’ experience so that all elements of the design invite, engage, instruct, and motivate students to continue learning and building their science knowledge, as well as strengthen their connections with their Creator.

This week our older students have been labeling and building a 3-D model of an animal cell. Students used the Internet and their textbook to identify and explain the function of the cytoplasm, nucleus, mitochondrion cell membrane and other structures of the cell.

The younger students have been studying plants using a magnifying glass. This new series requires even the youngest students to complete questions in their own science journal. Along with the questions, they are asked to draw diagrams and write a description of what they observed.

Science and faith really do have a prominent place in Seventh- day Adventist schools.

Susan Zimmermann