Lubbock Junior Academy finished their sixth school year last Friday, May 22, for 19 students, 35 weeks of academic achievement and a closer relationship with Christ.

The day started with worship and prayer. Miss Rico showed a video depicting the first four weeks Anne Sullivan came to teach a young Helen Keller. The video is called, The Miracle Worker. Our younger students had been reading and researching the life of Helen Keller.

The older students played a memory verse game which tested their skill in remembering common verses in the Bible. They were separated into two teams and given a Bible verse with one word omitted. Each team had a turn to guess the word and a chance to place an X or an O on a tick-tac-toe board. Leaving out just one word can be tricky for even the best of minds.

During lunch a parent brought cookies with each child’s name iced on the sugar cookie. We had arranged for the Frosty Treats ice cream truck stop at the school for another last-day treat. The rain held off until the students were through licking and eating their ice cream or popsicle.

Students cleaned out their desks. Many items were thrown away and some were found. Parents came to pick up their children. Teachers were filled with emotion. Also, as I have done for the past 37 years, I invited the students to meet me in Heaven just five miles south of the Tree of Life. I can’t wait for that day!

Please consider allowing your child to join us for the 2015 – 2016 school year, scheduled to commence on Monday, August 10.

Susan Zimmermann