On Sabbath, February 1, 2020 – Pathfinder teams representing the “West Texas” division of the Texico Conference gathered here at the Lubbock Church, to test their knowledge of Scripture for their Level 1 “Area”

Pathfinder Bible Experience.

Over the past 12 months, Pathfinders from around our Conference have been studying the books of Ezra, Nehemiah, Hosea, Amos, Jonah and Micah. Though these books don’t have many of the familiar stories we all know, there are positive lessons taught through these books. The Pathfinder Clubs feel confident that they will be better for the time spent within these books. Pathfinders are encouraged to treasure the words of Scripture they have memorized throughout their lives. To reach the union level, teams will have already advanced through the area and conference levels. Scoring is done on a curve, based on the highest scoring team, and teams advance depending on how they score.


The required amount of Bible memorization is no simple undertaking. Teams must answer 90 questions during the two-hour testing session. They have to work hard to be ready. It is a learning experience for everyone involved. Lubbock Knights Pathfinders are meeting in El Paso today for Level 2 “Conference” Pathfinder Bible Experience. Level 3 “Union” Pathfinder Bible Experience. Will be held March 27-28, in Keene, Texas Our Lubbock Knights Pathfinder Club has participated in PBE for five years now.


There are four levels of competition – Area, Conference, Union, and Division. The Pathfinders are tested over the assigned study books as well as the SDA Bible Commentary Introduction to each study book.

The Division finals will take place April 17-18 in Salem, Oregon, about one hour south of Portland. “We believe that God has led us to the Oregon State fair complex, where the Pavilion there offers a lot of what we are looking for to make PBE NAD level better experience,” said NAD associate Pathfinder director Armando Miranda Jr. in a message on the PBE website. “For the last couple of years, our program has exploded to the point that we simply don’t fit in our own churches or even universities. We have been planning and working to find a spot that can accommodate our growing numbers.”