If I asked you to take a group of Pathfinders
hiking through the Grand Canyon
would you and could you? If I asked you
to take that group of Pathfinders hiking in
the Grand Canyon with no food, and
trust that I would have Pizza Hut catered
every day would you? Now think about
that with roughly half a million people…
would you?

God asked an orphan, who did not fit in, stuttered, also
killed someone to lead His children through the wilderness
to a place that He knew was so much better than
where they were, yet they rejected that promise and
wanted to go back to that place that was filled with hard
labor, burdensome work, and slavery! Now I don’t want
to focus on their failures, but on Gods Promise of a
better place! As you look around this world I think it’s
safe to say that this place that we are in is not that good.
This place that we call home, feels very far from home!
As we read scripture, as we pray, spend time with others,
and bless others, we are exemplifying that promise
that God made to us! So whether it’s a promise of a
“promised land”, physical healing, mental health healing,
addiction recovery, or whatever it is that you are going
through, we have to always remember that there is a
better promise at the end of the story! So whatever you
do, “Believe the Promise!”

I am excited to have Pastor Ron Whitehead with us
today, Pastor Whitehead was my Union
Youth Director during my time in
Wisconsin and I was encouraged to see
all he accomplished and how he supported
every one he came in contact with. He
is a great man of God and yes also known
as “Mr. Camporee” due to his leadership,
creativity, and vision for the International
Pathfinder Camporee! Please be sure to give him a big
Lubbock Texas welcome!

Pastor Eric