The biblical record of the
conversations that Jesus had with
another person, or even with
groups of people, is truly amazing.
It is interesting to consider that
the purpose of these conversations
to the original ‘hearers’ of His words
was clear and beneficial even
though they were sometimes
challenging as well. And what may
surprise some of us is that the things that Jesus had to say
to them are as profound, important and applicable
to us today as they were to others so long ago.

While His counsel seemed to be specific to the current
concern or question, we can almost imagine that He is
responding to questions that we have and with which we
may wrestle. So as we listen in on various conversations,
we can truly sense that the Master’s answers, counsel,
and instruction is timeless, having relevance in all
cultures, languages and situations as His mission
and ministry is truly universal.

With Nicodemus, the conversation was private until he
shared it later with John. And while he struggled with his
confusion about being born again, the profound eternal
message was the best news Nicodemus would ever receive!
And what’s even more amazing is that this message, though
delivered to one man, had a purpose to be understood by
everyone who would ever hear about it. The reality that
Jesus’ love for all of us was so great, that it would lead
divinity to take the ultimate step to secure our release
from the penalty of sin, is still the basis of our Hope.

And with the Samaritan woman at the well, Jesus delivered a
profound revelation of His mission to her and she was unable
to keep it to herself. An entire village was impacted by the
conversation that this one person had with Jesus. She was
one of the first missionaries of the Messiah’s mission.

As we go forward in this sermon series we will look at
other conversations some of which were between one other
person and Jesus, while others included a larger audience.
However they were conducted, we will find that they are
all of profound benefit to us as we walk with Jesus
and live for Him today.

Pastor Phil Robertson