Greetings dear friends and welcome
to our worship experience
today. It is always a blessing to
come into the House of the Lord,
and even more so as we gather
in His Name and with His people
to experience the blessing of fellowship
and community.

I want to give you yet another update on the
recovery process that my family is experiencing
from the challenges brought on by the Coronavirus.
I believe that I am progressing well toward
full recovery and I am grateful for God’s protection
and provision for healing. My wife, Kathie,
has been hit much harder with the challenges of
this virus. Last Sabbath I shared a brief message
indicating that she was home from the hospital
and that I was grateful to be seeing evidence of
her returning strength from day to day.

However, last Saturday night she began to run a
fever with chills which actually led us back to the
emergency room last Sunday for much of the
day. We are grateful that the diagnosis did not
appear to be related to her recent hospitalization
and with some IV antibiotics and a cycle of
antibiotics to take at home we were released. So
for the next two days we experienced the roller
coaster of her fever levels going up and down.

Wednesday and Thursday presented us with a
sense that perhaps we are finally on a trajectory
toward recovery once again. Even though some
days have been very difficult, it has been a wonderful
blessing to see evidences of God’s faithfulness,
care and healing. The words of the
song, What a Friend we have in Jesus, are an
amazing reminder that He is not only able to take
the burdens that we share with Him, He is also
faithfully providing for our needs. We continue to
pray for Kathie’s full recovery and we choose to
hold tightly to His hand each day.

I am saddened that today and next Sabbath
bring challenges that prevent us from being with
you in Lubbock. Now, it seems safe to say that
February 26 will be the next Sabbath we will be
with you. I plan to begin a new sermon series
that I pray will be a blessing to each of us.

I am grateful that Robert Plant will share a sermon
message this Sabbath, February 12 and
Abel Rios will speak on Sabbath, February 19. I
am confident that God’s Spirit will prompt their
hearts with just the words that we need to hear.
We love you and pray for God’s blessings to
each of you.

Pastor Phil