In Luke 10:25-37 is found a well-known
parable given by Jesus. This is the story
of the Good Samaritan. I’m certain that
you have probably heard sermons over
the years from this passage. And no
doubt, you have been blessed in
tremendous ways by this story. For
some, it may even be at the top of your
list of favorite stories in the bible. But what if there is
more to this story than what has traditionally been
preached? What if there is a greater picture that the
author wants to paint of Jesus that we just aren’t seeing?

I hate to say this but there is a level of truth to the
following statement. We are at a disadvantage when
reading scripture today. Let me explain. We are
distanced to such a great degree from the cultural
context, geographical context, historical context,
generational gaps, language and translation and a host of
other barriers from the writers of scripture. Time and
again, when trying to interpret scripture, we bring our
own pre-conceived ideas and biases into our
interpretation when in fact, our conclusion is not what the
author intended. Often, our interpretation is muddied by
our own context and worldview. Therefore, seeking to
see the world through the eyes of the author and the
characters of scripture ought to be our aim.

Personally, I think this is one of the reasons that the study
of scripture is so profound, enlightening and even fun.
There are so many precious gems to be discovered that
would open our eyes to this Jesus whom we serve and
who gave so much to simply have a relationship with you
and me. What if we could see scripture in color as
opposed to black and white? I believe the picture of Jesus
is one that is vibrant, vivid, colorful, and bright. A clearer
view of who He is ought to excite the senses in a way that
causes us to desire more.

As we dig deeper into the story of the Good Samaritan,
my prayer is that we see the genius of not only the author
of the gospel of Luke, but of Jesus Himself. So, I ask that
you join me and pick up your spiritual shovels because we
are going to go digging for treasure. As Jesus comes into
clearer view through the study of the Word, in turn, so
will our own spiritual condition. My hope and prayers are
that in light of our current sinful state, we will see Jesus
for who He is. May our response be to fall in love with
Him over and over again as He dresses our sinful wounds
with Bandages of Love!

Walking this path together,

Pr. Antonio Cano