My Dear Lubbock Church Family,

What a wonderful season of celebrations
we have shared together over the recent
weeks as we have experienced the joy
and blessing of educational achievements
of so many of our members. From
the thrill of watching Saida Herrera
graduate from Lubbock Junior Academy
Kindergarten to the total respect we extend to Mikhail Johnson
as he was awarded his Doctoral of Musical Arts degree from
Texas Tech University, we join with all of our graduates in
praising God for His great blessings and we express
our heartfelt wishes and congratulations.

Today is a high Sabbath for our church
as we welcome my friend, and colleague
in administration, Elder Stephen Brooks,
newly elected Executive Secretary of the
Southwestern Union Conference, to our
pulpit. Elder Brooks has enjoyed a lifelong
relationship with Jesus and has
been both a faithful follower personally,
and a committed servant-leader professionally,
in his ministry service for the

At a young age God gave him a burden for souls, at the age of
17 he gave his first Bible Study and as a layman he was blessed
to lead some 30 people to baptism. God also gave Elder Brooks
opportunities to become a leader in his local church and he has
served in most every ministry position in support of the mission
of the church. At the age of 23, he became the youngest First
Elder in any of the local churches in the South Atlantic Conference.

Elder Brooks is an alumnus of Oakwood University, Southern
Adventist University and Western Governors University School of
Business in Salt Lake City, Utah. As an ordained minister of the
gospel he has worked in pastoral, evangelistic, and departmental
leadership in the South Atlantic Conference. He has also served
in pastoral ministry in the Southwest Region Conference and,
most recently, served as the Executive Secretary in that conference.

Elder Brooks is a devoted family man as well. His wife, Kennetia,
is an Administrative Nurse, his son Eliot is a pastor in Shreveport,
LA and his daughter Rachel is a student at La Sierra University.
He is also blessed to be ‘Papa’ to four grandchildren.
Welcome to the Lubbock Church, Elder Brooks, may God bless
you, and all of us, as you bring God’s message to us today.

Pastor Phil, Interim Pastor