Dear Lubbock Church Family, What a blessing it is to be members of the wonderful ‘family of God’ here in Lubbock! For much of this year it has been my great honor, and blessing, to worship with all of you during what has become the season of COVID. We celebrate the Lord’s blessings that have been evident through those of you who have continued to be part of this church family as well as those who joined the family during this year.

This past Sabbath I shared an update regarding the Pastoral Selection Process. I mentioned that the Lubbock Church Board had met with Pastor Michael Morss and his wife Shila on Sabbath, December 12, 2020. At the conclusion of that meeting the Board voted unanimously to recommend the Texico Conference extend a call to Pastor Morss to pastor the Lubbock Church.

Pastor Morss and Shila have been praying, along with all of us, for God to impress them with a clear sense of His will. We are pleased to announce that we have received word from Pastor Morss that they have accepted our invitation to join the pastoral team of the Texico Conference and to become the pastor of the Lubbock Seventh-day Adventist Church. We are grateful to God for His leading in this process and for blessing this congregation with new pastoral leadership.

Following the Christmas holiday we will work through the details of Pastor Morss’s transition from Loveland, CO. We will update you on when he will take up his pastoral duties and ministry to this congregation. We praise God for His answer to our prayers in the pastoral search and we now invite each of you to pray for Pastor Morss and for all that God will do in this congregation, and this community, in the coming years. We believe that God has great plans for the Lubbock Church and that the greatest days for this congregation are still ahead.

As we experience the blessings of this season when many are remembering the birth of the Christ child, may we renew our trust in Him and our commitment to share the good news of His Gospel with all around us. May the joy of His birth and the promise of His soon return bring wonderful peace and hope to each of us during this special season. I wish you all the Happiest of Holidays which includes a very Merry Christmas and prayers that God will greatly bless you and Pastor Morss in 2021.

Pastor Phil Robertson
Interim Pastor