The Lubbock Pathfinder Club plans to attend the August 11-16 OshKosh Camporee. This will be the first time a Pathfinder Club from our Lubbock Church will actually attend this International Camporee and be immersed in the spiritual blessings only this camporee has to offer.

Those of you who were here for the Banquet last Sunday could see for yourselves how maturely our Pathfinders are responding to their training. Every Pathfinder had multiple assignments from inviting friends and family to attend, performing in the program, to serving the tables and clean-up. The maturity of the Pathfinder performance spoke volumes for the Leaders.

There will be a Pathfinder Investiture and Induction Sabbath, June 28, at 3pm. The Pathfinders are busy fulfilling their badge requirements, perfecting their marching and planning more fundraisers as they still need to raise approximately $4,000.

The loose offering on May 31, along with the Lamb’s Offerings the first and third Sabbaths of June & July will all be designated “Pathfinders”.

As a parent of two Pathfinders, and as your Pastor, I boldly ask for your support – Let’s Send Our Pathfinders to the OshKosh Camporee – another “first” for our church.

Pastor Jeremy