The bars of soap have been sorted. The washcloths are stacked neatly. Toothbrushes and tubes of toothpaste are gathered into plastic bags and some yummy, hard candy has been neatly packed into zip lock bags. We’re almost ready to pack the boxes for Operation Christmas Child.

Next week the Lubbock Junior Academy students will pack toys, candy, soap, toothbrushes and school supplies into red and green shoeboxes. It is such fun to watch the students pack a box for a needy boy or girl. Last year, 82 million children from 100 countries received boxes from Operation Christmas Child! Isn’t it great to know that LJA students were participants in that great service project?

We will deliver our Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes to the Lubbock collection center next Thursday, November 21. We still need your help in purchasing toys for boys and girls. Also, we still need $245.00 to mail these boxes of joy as the postage is $7.00 per box.

Please share a little of your abundance so that even more than 82 million children can receive these precious shoeboxes. Thank you for your support.

Susan Zimmermann