Lubbock Junior Academy Results from the latest Valuegenesis study, conducted in the spring of 2011, have just been published. This study explored the understanding of Seventh-day Adventist students, grades 6 -12, of the concept, grace, God’s actions, in personal salvation. The research shows that some Seventh-day Adventist families, church groups and even schools may forget to mention the marvelous acts of God’s grace in our behalf.

Following is some interesting data.
◾58% of all students believe that the more they follow Seventh‐day Adventists standards and practices the more likely they will be saved. 9% aren’t sure.
◾56% believe that the gift of salvation is a reward for obeying Him. 18% aren’t sure. Other questions dealt with insight into students’ lives.
◾22% are from single parent homes.
◾75% say they will still be a Seventh‐day Adventist at age 40.
◾12% say their parents attend church never to no more than 2‐3 times a month.
◾16% would leave their church if there were no activities for young people.

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Susan Zimmermann