Friends come in all shapes, sizes, and ages. During the week of November 7-11, our good friend, Leroy Green presented our Fall Week of Prayer. He shared the idea that friends are in all places.

He used the Guide Magazine DVD called, “Friends in All Places.” We sat around informally watching the DVD featuring- Guide Magazine editor, Randy Fishell, memorizing the accompanying memory verses, and discussing the daily topic. Each day we learned more about being a friend and finding friends who help us be better people.

The topics were as follows:
◾To be a friend by choosing words wisely and treating others with respect.
◾To make friends with our parents.
◾To be a friend to yourself by exploring the important questions of life. Who am I and where am I going?
◾To understand one’s role in the Seventh-day Adventist Church family.
◾Making Jesus our best friend.

Mr. Leroy Green and Guide editor Randy Fishell showed us how to find and keep the kind of friends who will share life’s ups and downs with us. Most importantly, we learned that Jesus wants to be our very best friend.