Perhaps you’ve noticed the Lubbock Junior Academy teachers and school board members looking a bit exhausted the past few months. It’s because we’ve been working on the school’s first North American school evaluation. The document or self study we created for the evaluation was 82 pages in length and required the advice and assistance of several church members. Surveys were sent out to both LJA parents and students. The Mesquite Room was filled with three large tables of documents and exhibits clarifying and supporting our self study.

The evaluation team consisted of Mr. Derral Reeve, Texico Conference Education Superintendent, Dr. Randy Gilliam, Southwestern Union Conference Director of Education, Miss Kim Gillen, Texico Conference Elementary teacher and Mr. Jim Wilson, Texico Conference teacher. They spent Wednesday, February 22, reviewing the self-study, asking questions, inspecting the school facilities and writing their commendations and recommendations.

The school board provided a supper for the visiting team and heard their findings. The exit report was extremely encouraging. Our prayers and thanks go out to the Master Teacher, Jesus Christ. We will learn the final results and recommendations in May. Thank you to all of you who keep Lubbock Junior Academy in your prayers.