The shofar sounded as the Lubbock Junior Academy students moved toward the large, to-scale replica of the Biblical wilderness sanctuary at the Aldersgate United Methodist Church in Lubbock, TX. A shofar is a ram’s horn sounded by the ancient Israelites as a warning or a summons. LJA students had spent a week studying how the Tabernacle in the Old Testament was the center of Israel’s spiritual life. In fact, when the Children of Israel were traveling from Egypt to the Promised Land it was literally pitched right in the middle of their encampment.

Before entering the Tabernacle courtyard, students were given a headset and an MP3 player. A brief explanation of the Tabernacle, its furnishings, and its rituals were lovingly described as an intricate part of the Master Architect’s spiritual plan. We paused at the Altar of Burnt Offering, Laver, Lampstand, Table of Shewbread and the Ark of the Covenant to interact as the Levite priest would have done as part of his holy duties. The self-guided tour asked us to pray at different places. Many young bowed heads were heard by our gracious Father that day.

Finally, our tour recording informed us that we can walk boldly into the presence of God. We are no longer bound by the rituals of the Old Testament Tabernacle. We are set free to worship intimately at any time with our High Priest, Jesus.