Lubbock Junior Academy students love having visitors. On October 18, we had a visit from the Sandia View Academy seniors. This Seventh-day Adventist day academy is located in Albuquerque, NM. Their eight seniors stopped and spent the night while on their way to Keene, TX.

On Thursday morning for worship SVA seniors sang a few songs with our students, and one gave an object lesson about the love of Christ. Then, they spent time assisting the LJA students with school assignments. Two seniors practiced spelling with four of our students. One Sandia View Academy student listened to another student read. The rest of the seniors helped LJA students with math. It was nice to have more help in the classroom. The two senior sponsors, Miss Wendi Clapp and Mr. Bryce Sampsel didn’t get a chance to rest. They were also assisting our students.

The seniors decided they would play a rousing game of kickball with our students. It was fun having more people with which to play. Our LJA kids did their best to outdo the seniors. The seniors were laughing at the antics of our students and themselves. We ended their visit with a picture of everyone around the swings.

Ah, church school kids! There’s nothing like them!