Mrs. Connie Buckman recently visited our classroom to explain the importance of eating a healthy diet. She shared the downside of refined sugar. Yes, all of us in the classroom love sugar and we like our sodas, doughnuts, cookies, and cake. However, we learned it is best to eat these goodies in moderation.

We looked at the labels of a popular soda and an organic apple juice box. First, we looked at how many teaspoons are in a gram of sugar. For every gram of sugar we divide by four and there we discover how many teaspoons are in one gram of sugar. In a 12 oz. bottle of soda there may be as much as 10 teaspoons of sugar. This type of sugar gives our body an energy high, and a sudden drop in energy. Even a box of organic apple juice can have as much sugar as a bottle of soda.

Each student was given a bag of sugar and a teaspoon. Every time the amount of sugar contained in a sweet item was explained, we took that amount out of the bag and placed it in a cup. We could actually see how much sugar is consumed when we eat those tempting sweet goodies. Some of our students couldn’t resist and sneaked in a few licks of sugar while Mrs. Buckman was speaking.

We were encouraged to eat our sugar with fiber. Instead of just drinking fruit juice, we should eat fruit where there is fiber or pulp. Sometimes we think we’re eating just for today, but we’re really eating for tomorrow and the future. Nothing can take the place of being a healthy adult.

A beautiful loaf of home-made whole grain bread was available for us to sample. Also, we each received a beautiful, juicy Fuji apple.

Today our bodies crave natural, simple food, and our hearts crave the beautiful fruit from the Tree of Life which we will soon eat.

Susan Zimmermann