Lubbock Junior Academy . . . One of the things I have enjoyed about teaching in a small, multi-grade school has been the feeling of being in a family. Many of the same things that happen in a home, also happen in Lubbock Junior Academy. Students have strong bonds to each other. After all, they have gone to school with each other four or more years.

Dr. Simmons and I have grown accustomed to the fact that students do treat each other with a brother/sister respect and play some brother/sister pranks on each other. Several times, I’ve had students discuss with me feelings of deep concern that they have for the well-being of another student. This type of bond carries over into Sabbath. Many times you’ll see our LJA students jabbering away with each other or sitting together.

One thing that has always amazed me has been the fact that our graduates come back to school to visit and reminisce about the fun times they had here. This past week DéMichael Coleman-Thompson was in Lubbock and wanted to come back to Lubbock Junior Academy. Since DéMichael graduated last year, he has moved to Dallas. However, on his last visit to Lubbock, he wanted to come and visit LJA. I think this tells us something about the special bond our school has with its graduates.

Lord, keep our students close to You and Your kingdom.