When the Lubbock Junior Academy students visited San Antonio last May, we went to see the Tower of the Americas. This tower is 622 ft. high and was built in 1966 for the World’s HemisFair in 1968. We first went to the 4-D theater ride. The theater seats moved back and forth, water spritzed from the ceiling, and a wire reached out from under the seat to tickle our feet. The video aptly called, Skies Over Texas zoomed in on a Texas high school football game and a space shuttle at NASA.

No visit to the Tower of the Americas is complete without a visit to the Observation Deck. The views of the city below were mesmerizing. Photographs on the deck’s floor pinpoint landmarks to help visitors identify their surroundings. All around the inside of the Observation Deck we read about the history of the six flags which once flew over Texas.

The first day of school is this Monday, August 12, beginning at 8:30. You are welcome to bring your child so they can aim high spiritually, academically, physically, and socially! I would love to see you there.