Does soccer, dodgeball, egg toss, water balloon toss, or parachute games remind you of anything?

It sounds like the annual Lubbock Junior Academy school picnic. The day started with an inspirational worship and we proceeded outside of the classroom to play soccer and whip a parachute around.

Once a year we allow the students to play a gentle version of Dodgeball called Doctor-Doctor or Nations. Throwing a red rubber ball can be tricky and many times the ball rolled far away from the playing field. A male mallard came to watch us and soon gave up and flew away. Dodgeball was not an interesting activity for Mr. Mallard.

Playing popcorn and team ball with the parachute worked everyone’s muscles and giggles. The balls just wouldn’t cooperate or roll towards the opponents’ team like they should. Nevertheless, shouts of glee bounced everywhere.

The annual egg and water balloon toss left some with splattered egg yolk on them and a drenching from a bursting water balloon. The final games were a mixture of badminton, Frisbee, throwing and catching balls. Our fun ended just 30 minutes before a rare torrential downpour. Even the rain turned into a spectacle for us to see and hear.

Susan Zimmermann