During the month of October we learned about some of our early Seventh-day Adventist pioneers. We learned about William Miller, Captain Joseph Bates, Hiram Edson, James White, and Joshua V. Himes. We learned about the many sacrifices and adventures these leaders experienced. Last Friday, during our Adventist Youth (AY) meeting, we took some time to learn about America’s only Blue Zone. These are places where the residents commonly live to be 100 or more years and live active, vibrant lives. America’s Blue Zone is in Loma Linda, California. The people there regularly exercise, socialize with others of like faith, eat a plant based diet, and take 24 hours to rest and worship. That special time is called, Sabbath.

You can learn more about Blue Zones at

We also watched “The ADVENTISTS,” a documentary film, that explores the Seventh-day Adventist church coupling a firm belief in the near Second Coming of Christ with a focus on health, wholeness and well-being. Dr. Simmons told that students that her oncologist said she was able to beat lymphoma due to regular exercise, eating a plant based diet, and a good attitude.

Some of the students had heard tofu was a good source of protein and used often in a vegetarian diet. Dr. Simmons and I told them that we enjoyed eating Tofutti Cuties, a soybean curd or tofu frozen dessert. We gave each student a chocolate Tofutti Cutie. This snack size dessert, with Tofutti squeezed between two wafers was a big hit. The kids loved it! Wouldn’t it be great if our students could start a Blue Zone right here in Lubbock?