When learning about plants there is a natural curiosity to plant seeds. However, the students at Lubbock Junior Academy planted four strange plants. Our small terrarium is filled with seeds that will bring a smile to the students faces.

This combination of eclectic plants will produce a strange and bizarre garden.

Our first plant is call the Space plant (Mimosa pudica) which will stun the students over and over again. The leaves quickly fold in as the branches bend down once its leaves are touched.

Our Eyeball plant (Spilanthes oleracea) is a South American wonder! This astounding plant will produce a flush of flowers that look like eyeballs.

Our last plant is called a Pitcher plant (Sarracenia minor). These fascinating plants grow from harmless seeds into vicious bugeating monsters. The colorful veins and scented nectar of the pitcher plants lead crawling insects up and down into the bottom of the flower where the insect is trapped.

Lubbock Junior Academy celebrates uniqueness, not only in plants, but also in our students.

Susan Zimmermann