What a Team!
What a Time!
What a Tuesday!
We believe you are looking at one of the best education teams in Texas.

Tuesday, August 19, Lubbock Junior Academy started the sixth year of Adventist-Education at the Lubbock Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Church members and teachers turned out to welcome the students with cheering, clapping and a red carpet. Each student walked a real red carpet towards the entrance of the school. Helium filled balloons lined the fence. The balloons, red carpet, and adoring fans made a positive impact on the students.

The three teachers (pictured above) have a combined experience of 101 years. Our Pastor gives the school his full support and has three of his children enrolled.

Please consider sending your school-age children to join Miss Rico, Dr. Simmons, Miss Z, and Pastor Jeremy at Lubbock Junior Academy this school year. We have 20 students with room for more.

We anticipate a Tremendous Year!

Susan Zimmermann