Teddy will be remembered by his warm bubbly
personality. When you would first meet Teddy, there
were two things you noticed every time. He would look
into your eyes and give you the warmest of smiles. As,
simultaneously, he would take your hand into his, to
provide you a genuinely firm handshake. You soon felt
valued and at ease as he started to natter with you.
Everyone was a friend of Teddy. He was quick-witted
and could hold a discussion on any topic. His favorite
topics of chat revolved around the Bible and its
promises of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

Teddy loved God. The second love of Teddy’s life was
Dorthy. They were inseparable and traveled everywhere
together. Teddy has never strayed far from
Dorthy’s side since they were married. He was a
devoted Husband, Father and Grandfather.

Loyalty would describe one of Teddy’s noteworthy
characteristics. With gratitude, we remember how
Teddy served his country as a non-combatant
ambulance driver during the Korean War. He moved his
family to Keene, Texas for a few years to enable his
children to enroll in Adventist Academy and College.
On his return to Lubbock, his home town, he resumed

Teddy enjoyed public speaking, preaching, teaching the
Sabbath School Class and all types of church service.
Teddy was a pillar of the church. He served as an Elder
and was known as a spiritual leader of our church.
Many years ago, it was Teddy’s family who gave the land
on Frankford Avenue and 4th Street to a Baptist Church,
which later became the Lubbock Seventh-day Adventist
Church, the proceeds from the sale of that property
made the down payment for our current church.

It was with a sense of foreboding that Teddy began to
experience several health issues over the past few
months. Slowly his fight for life began to slip away.
Dorthy took special care to nurse Teddy at home,
where they felt safer than at the hospital. However, the
infections overwhelmed him. In the loving arms of
Dorthy, and with his family around him, Teddy died on
Tuesday, 12th May 2020.

Our hearts are broken as we grieve the loss of Teddy
Tubbs – but it is not without hope. As Dorthy and his
family grieve, we pray for each of you, that you will be
strengthened by the Holy Spirit. That you will feel God’s
presence, and that the promises of Jesus Christ’s
Second Coming will bring you Hope of victory over this

Imminently, Jesus Christ will return, so there is no
doubt the next person this warrior for God will see is
the face of Jesus as He recreates Teddy and calls him
from the grave.

Sean Robinson, Pastor