As a teacher, I am accustomed to having my students share or write about the many things that make them feel thankful. Now, it’s my turn. I’m thankful for students who help me feel like I am part of a noble profession where I can work and laugh at the same time. The next three instances have put a chuckle in my heart and a smile on my face.

When pastor asked for prayer requests during our Fall Week of Prayer, one student requested we remember to pray for the Philistines (Philippines).

One of the words during vocabulary class was the word acquire. I explained that acquire means to receive, to earn or to win.

Next, I asked each student if they knew what they would acquire during Christmas. Naturally, I assumed the students would make the connection between getting a Christmas present and the word acquire.

As a final task, I asked the student to use the word acquire in a sentence. One of our LJA scholars gave the following sentence. “Acquire is a group of people singing.”

Lastly, I wanted to instill in the students a knowledge of the Pilgrims and their journey to the New World. I asked the students to name the ship in which the Pilgrims traveled. One student piped up and said, “The Cauliflower!”

Can you see why I’m a thankful teacher? Happy Thanksgiving from LJA!

Susan Zimmermann