Watch the Time!

Visitors & Friends,

Just this week the Barna Group released an article where
the following conclusion was made about today’s family:

“Generally active households
are spiritually
active households…”

Elaborating further, the article explains:

“… practicing Christians who intentionally cultivate a
spiritual environment in their household are simply
intentional to begin with. Good fun, good work and
good faith seem to go hand in hand,
indicating spiritual growth is yet another way
of being present, interested and engaged
in the lives of those around you,
or vice versa.”
(The Link Between Fun & Faith in Our Homes,
April 2, 2019)

Your thoughts?

Could it be true that the more intentional a family
is about doing all kinds of “stuff” together,
that the healthier they are spiritually?

Today we are beginning a new 3-part series called,
“For Your Family’s Sake…”
where we will look to hear how from God’s Word
we can maximize this wonderful thing called… family!

Pastor Ray