On the last day of school, May 18, 2012, Miss Z. and Dr. Simmons took the Lubbock Junior Academy students to the Clay Café on Slide. There they each made a design and painted a functional ceramic salad plate.

The first step was to draw a design on the plate using only a pencil. Next, the pencil design was traced over with black ink. Once the ink dried, they used brushes to paint the design with a pastel type paint. The painting step required giving the design three coats. Some students drew geometrical designs while others penciled a favorite nature scene. The finished plates were glazed and fired in the kiln.

This seems very much like what God does for us. He gives us everything we need to become the type of people who reflect His love. We go through the fire of sin and come out more polished and richer because of God’s love and attention to us.

Please consider enrolling your child in Lubbock Junior Academy where they will receive training and polishing in preparation for service to our Creator.

The Fifth year of school starts Monday, August 12. Registration forms are available in the church foyer.