We will have our head in the clouds this year at Lubbock Junior Academy. Each student will have access to a Chromebook. Several generous church members have purchased Chromebooks for LJA. Thank you for your generosity. Here are five excellent reasons Chromebooks make sense for LJA.
1.Cheaper Machines, Longer Life: There are lower hardware costs and the ability to use Google Apps. LJA can avoid software license fees. Chromebooks are devices that do not need to be replaced as often as traditional computers. They will be productive for several years.
2.More Time Teaching, Less Time Troubleshooting: With Chromebooks, teachers and students won’t waste precious classroom time troubleshooting. With traditional laptops, teachers and students might spend five to 10 minutes each day battling with the technology.
3.Painless Provisioning, Easy Support: From a management standpoint, Chromebooks make provisioning almost painless. All a teacher needs to do is enroll students in Google Apps for Education domain. More education takes place, because we don’t spend so much time on tech support. We can focus on other technology initiatives.
4.Better Security, Perfect Backups: Because Chromebooks store everything in the Google cloud, the machines are less vulnerable to malware or data loss than traditional notebooks, says Dr. Roland J. Rios, director of technology at Fort Sam Houston Independent School District in San Antonio. In 2012, all 400 students at the district’s Robert G. Cole High School transitioned from notebook PCs to Chromebooks.
5.Empowering Students, Teaching Technology: In addition to using Chromebooks for learning, LJA students will be taught a tech support class, so if something goes wrong with a Chromebook, the students will provide the first tier of troubleshooting.

Conclusion: While Chromebooks provide an excellent way for students to wirelessly learn school content and thinking skills, please remember, there is nothing that takes the place of the original wireless connection LJA students practice daily with our Savior, Jesus Christ