Here in the Worship Center of the Lubbock Seventh-day Adventist Church.

WHEN: Sabbath Evening, June 15, 7:30pm

Ashley Wafford has a passion for singing which began at a very early age. As a young Christian music artist she strives to encourage others through music. Not only does she enjoy singing, but also writing her own songs to glorify God. Ashley has sung for audiences worldwide.

And plan to participate in the Virtual Festival of the Laity (Computer Generated) September 11-14. Three Ministry Training Seminar Tracks; Personal Ministries; Prison Ministries & Sabbath School. Participants will need a computer with Internet access. Register now! For a complete schedule visit

Then Jesus said to all His disciples, “You need to forget about your desires to have me drive out the Romans and free Israel, because that is not what I came to do. If anyone wishes to follow me, he must deny himself, take up his cross and be willing to suffer for me, even as I am willing to suffer and die for him. Anyone who is only interested in this life will end up losing eternal life, but the person who is willing to give up everything to follow me will be happy in this life and will also be given eternal life. Matthew 16:24-25 paraphrased by Jack J. Blanco