Dear Church Family,

One of my deepest desires is for all of us to grow spiritually. That spiritual growth will not take place by accident, we must act, we must respond to the call of Jesus for disciples and the challenge to make disciples.

This is achieved, in part, by reaching out to each other and is best described as Discipleship which leads to Apostleship. Looking closely at the various ministries of our church I believe you will agree with me that ministry to one another is a reality. Let me share a few observations:
•Lubbock Junior Academy is completing five years of Christian education which has been available to grades 1-8. In the upcoming 2014-2015 school year this ministry will expand, to prepare more youth for Heaven’s service, by accommodating students in Kindergarten through 9th grade.
•Health Ministry has tirelessly led in classes to promote better living and has assembled a professional team capable of a full Health Expo. The first one, April 27, will be for our Adventist churches, and within a few months will be presented to the Lubbock Community.
•Sabbath School is coming more alive with an emphasis on Global Missions. Eeach class will take turns leading in the upcoming monthly Corporate Sabbath School programs.
•Children’s Church recently completed a curriculum on “Discipleship”. Their current focus is on “The Armor of God”. They have outgrown the Conference Center with an average attendance of over 50, and have spawned a Children’s Choir!
•Pathfinder Club was organized with the Discipleship to Apostleship purpose in mind. We must provide our children and youth every opportunity to grow into the disciples and apostles that Christ intends them to be. Your time and home will be of great value for the training of our Pathfinders. Please invite them for a time of meditation (praise and prayer). Visits will begin soon. If you want to be sure to share in the blessing of a visit, and there is a time frame in which you will be available, please call the church office where you can leave a message anytime of the day or night.
•Sabbath School, April 5, will start at 9:15am. The theme of this monthly corporate Sabbath School program will be “Fellowship” and will feature our Young Adult Class.