We have been blessed this past month by four of our students who have made presentations in our Friday Adventist Youth (AY) meeting. Tory Frantzen played her violin, Jake Sexton exhibited his two geckos. Kaylee Jordan played her saxophone, Rachel Frantzen performed on the piano and showed us her ferret, Edmond. Their classmates asked questions and inquired about his/her presentation. The purpose of AY is to put into a practical sense: “guide into service.” We teach our students to work for other youth, their church and all humankind. Each time our students stand before a group of people and speak, they are preparing themselves for those times when they will tell others about the kingdom of God. Please let us know if you would like to come and tell how you use your job or hobby to assist you in service to God and to humankind. You can learn more about the AY branch of children and youth ministry at Adventist Youth Ministries: http://www.adventistyouthministries.org