It is my privilege this morning to talk about Seventh-day Adventist education. It will come as no surprise that I love to teach at Lubbock Junior Academy. I would like all of our children to have the opportunity to attend our Christian schools.

I will be speaking about the education of Moses. The great deliverer of the Hebrew children had quite the education. His first 12 years were spent under the careful tutelage of his Godly mother and the next 28 years he spent at the Temple of the Sun.

Over the years, as I have taught the life of Moses I have come to both admire and sympathize with him. We are so like the Hebrew slaves. Somehow we feel it is better to follow the more exciting culture of today rather than the simple lifestyle of Abraham, Isaac, Jeremiah and Christ. We too, complain when things don’t go the way we want.

The second year I taught here at Lubbock Junior Academy, I was teaching about the plight of the Hebrew slaves. I asked the students whether God had stopped blessing the Children of Israel because they had adopted the pagan ways of the Egyptians. The conversation that ensued brought warmth to my heart.

The students told me emphatically that God never forgets His people even when His people forget Him. God gave the Hebrews strength and stamina to live and prosper even while in slavery. It was even ridiculous to think that God’s blessings were withdrawn. He didn’t do it back then and doesn’t reject us even through we are “pathetic.” (actual word used).

Susan Zimmermann