Youth Rush is a Seventh-day Adventist literature evangelism program designed to share the love of Jesus Christ.

Our own Hayden McCombs participated in the program this past Summer. He personally witnessed by visiting people in diverse communities. He shared Christ-focused books that were designed to nurture and challenge physically, mentally, and spiritually. Meeting people at their door gave Hayden incredible opportunities to touch lives and share God’s love…

Hayden and his Youth-Rush team worked Sunday through Thursday for ten weeks. Mornings were spent in training and worship, afternoon and evenings the Youth-Rush team hit the streets, offering people books and community services, including Bible studies. Teams went out together, each with their own highly-trained leader. On days off Hayden could relax and have some fun. Sabbaths were a time for resting with God and sharing his experiences.

Students are paid on commission basis. Hayden earned funds toward his Adventist education. For more information check out: