The Apostle John tells us that Jesus wrote on the ground with His finger. Jesus was quietly making statements about the character of some accusing men, and letting others know of His redeeming character. Writing on the ground can still be rich with lessons for us today.

During the first week of school, the LJA students studied the seven day Creation Week. They learned Genesis 1:1,2 and played a game using a buzzer. On Friday, the students were given a large box of sidewalk chalk.

Once again a beautiful lesson was written on the ground, or in this case, the school sidewalk. Students drew pictures of animals, birds and fish which were created on days five and six. The large, expansive sidewalk gave ample room for the students to express their artistic skills and show their knowledge of God’s Creation.

Yes, writing on the ground was a pedagogical strategy of Jesus and is still used today. In addition, LJA students use computer apps, polish up keyboarding skills, and interact with educational technology games. Helping students in a variety of ways makes school interesting and gives an understanding that learning is fun, in and of itself.

LJA has openings for students, and would welcome your visit to talk to the teachers, students, board members and to the One who writes on the ground and in our hearts.

Susan Zimmermann