We are very happy to welcome Pastor Michael Morss and his wife, Shila who are visiting with the Lubbock Church family
today. Pastor Morss is the pastor for discipleship at the Campion Church in Loveland, Colorado and he will share a message with us during the worship service. He enjoys exploring scripture through sermons and is passionate about sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the unchurched, seekers and skeptics.

Pastor Morss believes that an active, ministry-focused church can develop a culture that leads to natural growth and an increased relevance in serving the community. He practices a continuing commitment to evangelism as a way of life
through public meetings, Bible Studies, and small groups. Successfully discipling new members is a foundational value to assist in their continued spiritual development.

Shila Morss grew up as a missionary kid in Zimbabwe and has practiced as a Speech Language Pathologist the last 15 years in California, New Zealand, and Colorado. She has a calling and a passion for serving others and sharing the love of Jesus through her work. Shila has an interest in engaging young adults in active participation in church mission and leadership. Shila and Pastor Morss were married in June, 2019 and they enjoy sharing ministry and various hobbies together.

We are very pleased that Michael and Shila have come to experience a Sabbath blessing with us. May God continue to bless them as they serve Him together.

Pastor Phil