Pastor Leroy Green was the speaker for our Spring Week of Prayer. He has been a good friend of our students in and out of school. Pastor Green has conducted a Fall or Spring Week of Prayer for four of the school’s past five years. We know we’re in for something special when he visits us.

Pastor Green spoke specifically to first seek the Kingdom of God, through five distinctive topics.

In Search of Happiness: Every decision we make directly impacts whether we choose the Kingdom of Heaven or something much less desirable.

That’s Why I Came: Our lives are a preparation for life here and in the New Earth. We should not have a “heart” problem, but listen to whisperings of the Holy Spirit.

Power Surge: Power Surge from God, will give us the capacity to have compassion for others and pass it on.

It’s Like This: People should always see Jesus in us. Our challenge is to believe in the Word of God and know God is the source of all good things.

The Best News Ever: Realize that all have sinned and come short of the glory of God. However, Jesus has already paid the price and grace is offered to all. We, in turn, pass grace onto others, all the while becoming more Christ-like and ready to enter the Kingdom of God.

Lubbock Junior Academy offers Week of Prayer and many other opportunities to learn about God and His plans for students. All children from Kindergarten through 9th Grade are invited to enroll for the 2014–2015 school year.

Susan Zimmermann