Church Family & Friends,

I want to extend to you a warm welcome today with the sincere hope that you will find what you’re looking for… both in our Friend Jesus and through those worshiping alongside you.

Today we are continuing the sermon series entitled,
Validate This! (Part 2),
where we are looking at a variety of topics with the purpose of trying to get to the bottom of what is true vs. what isn’t.

Today’s message is entitled,
Messages from the Other Side – Why Not?
In this sermon, we will examine the following questions:
• Why not get advice from those that are the dead?
• How to better identify situations where Satan is at work versus God
• How to receive help & encouragement when circumstances don’t look good?

May God’s presence richly bless each of our hearts as we worship Him… together!

With love,

Pastor Ray

19 When someone tells you to
consult mediums and spirits,
who whisper and mutter,
should not a people
inquire of their God?
Why consult the dead
on behalf of the living?
(Isaiah 8:19 NIV)