The Seventh-day Adventist North American Division of Education hired Mrs. Nina Atcheson from Brisbane, Australia to develop a new curriculum for Bible classes.

This initiative is produced and published by the Education Departments of the Australian Union Conference, New Zealand Pacific Union Conference and the North American Division. This new Bible program is appropriately entitled Encounter.

This approach to teaching the Holy Scriptures ignites curiosity, engages students, and connects meaningfully with our Heavenly Father; a context that is creative and inspirational to both teachers and students; a faith-community where joy is integral.

Miss Zimermann had the opportunity to attend a Secondary Bible Teachers, Training Session in Burleson, Texas. The teachers in attendance learned rigorous pedagogical practices. They also explored and developed personal spiritual experiences and reasons for faith, lifestyle choices, and ethical decision-making from an Adventist worldview. In short, our new Bible program seeks to develop all our students into disciples of the Great Commission.

This Bible curriculum will be introduced in grade 9 during the 2015–2016 school year. For information please check out .