Monday through Friday multitudes of yellow buses ply the roads delivering students to classrooms with good equipment, remedial programs, & learning devices all used effectively by teachers schooled in both methods and psychology of education. There is no doubt one may depend on public schools to educate our children scholastically. They may even teach the basics of healthful living and a certain degree of ethics. Music, art and physical education are usually masterfully presented. We cannot, however, count on them to help with the most vital of all educational aspects. The public school system will not, cannot, and can never be expected to, encourage the development of a Christ-like character in the students. Even if some teachers would like to present Biblical truths, the law does not permit them to do so. To say it in Biblical terms, both their ways and thoughts are not congruent with the Bible.

There are three ways I would like to briefly review where, I believe, the teachings of the public school differ greatly. First, we teach that each one is a child of God created uniquely in His image. Man did not evolve by chance, but was created perfect with the potential for continued growth and development. Second, although created perfectly, man misused the free choice given and sinned. Yes, there are absolutes in God’s laws and to break or disobey these is sin. As a result of sin, all will die. This brings us to the third difference. A Saviour has been provided for our salvation. This is the gift of a loving God who freely gives us salvation through the gift of His Son.