Let’s face it, standardized tests are a fact of life. They remain a mainstay largely because of the comparative information they provide.

Standardized tests are only one part of the overall assessment system used at Lubbock Junior Academy. This past week the goal has been to equip LJA students with the testing skills needed for the Iowa Assessments they will take next week.

In preparation for the standardized tests the students are taught how to make connections between good test-taking and good general-learning practices. Our classrooms are language-rich. Students engage in regularly guided and independent reading. This strategy is ideal for developing skills needed to perform well on standardized tests.

This past week LJA students have been studying practice tests to prepare them for the Iowa Assessments. They have been rehearsing the following useful strategies:
•Use Purposeful Reading
•Reflect on all Types of Questions
•Learn Text Structure – vital for test taking

These are a few of the test taking strategies emphasized this past week.

Susan Zimmermann