I remember going tent camping for the first time, when I was 8 years old. My mom and I were sharing a tent with my best friend and his Mother during a church campout weekend. We had so much fun hiking and playing in a creek, it was an amazing campout. However, I have to admit that one of the most terrifying experiences I’ve ever had occurred during this camping trip. I remember being so scared.

After the first day of the campout we finally went to bed. I’ll never forget the sounds of the insects, the amazing view of the stars and the smell of the smoke coming from our campfire. We were all fast asleep after a busy day. The next day, very early in the morning, I was awakened by the loudest clap of thunder I have ever heard! When I came to my senses the only other person in my tent was my best friend.

We were terrified! There was lightning and thunder. The wind was vigorously blowing, the rain was coming down by bucket loads. And, worse yet, we didn’t know where our Mother’s were.

We didn’t know what to do! We were so scared. The tent was being tested almost beyond its limits and it seemed as though it was going to collapse. We ended up having to hold the tent walls up from the inside but the more we touched the tent walls the more water leaked into our tent.

This experience reminds me of when Jesus’ disciples were struggling on the open waters, in a boat, as a wind storm churned the once calm waves. William Barclay, in “The Gospel of John” P. 243, tells us the following about this event:

“The toiling disciples looked up and suddenly saw (Jesus). It was all so unexpected, they had been bent so long over their oars, that they were alarmed because they thought it was a spirit they were seeing. Then across the waters came that well-loved voice —‘It is I; don’t be afraid.’”

I remember the sheer peace that came over me when my mom opened the tent door as she and my friend’s mom returned from taking a shower. We were safe!! The storm still raged outside but we were safe in the comfort of our mom’s arms as tears flowed down our faces.

Jesus returned to the disciples and took away their fears. They were able to make it to their destination once Jesus arrived and calmed the winds.

As we continue our Start With Why series, we need to remember that our Savior is there for us when we need Him. As a mother can bring comfort to her frightened child, Jesus is there for us. While the mother cannot calm the storms that rage, our Savior has full control of every raging storm!

Do You Look to Jesus for Peace in your Life?
Will You Let Him come to Your Rescue?

– Pastor Geraldo