President John F. Kennedy was an incredible leader who was able to mobilize our United States of America by inspiration, leadership and a determination for our nation to win the space race to the moon. We were trailing far behind the USSR when he committed us to that dream. President Kennedy did not let this deter his efforts to be the first nation to achieve placing a man on the moon. During a speech at Rice University, near Houston, on September 12, 1962, President Kennedy acknowledged that we were behind in the space race, and that we would continue to be behind for some time but that by the end of the decade we would achieve our goal of making it to the moon!

“Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction.” – John F. Kennedy

This dream, this goal that President Kennedy committed us to, became a reality on July 20, 1969. The first person to walk on the moon was NASA Astronaut Neil Armstrong. Many billions of dollars were spent, several lives were lost, and there were many headaches in achieving this incredible goal. It took less than a decade, but President John F. Kennedy’s dream of landing a man on the moon was achieved.

Too often, as Seventh-day Adventist Christians we desire to grow and we desire to share Jesus. We employ great efforts and expend great courage sharing the message of Jesus. We pray, we hope and we toil to get people baptized. However, more often than not, we do not come close to achieving our goals and dreams. Sometimes, we have successful evangelistic campaigns when several individuals are baptized, but less than a year later very few of those individuals are still in attendance.

We expend great efforts with much courage and we even have purpose, however, we tend to be missing a vital piece. We tend to be missing direction. Without direction we do not know where we are going nor how we are going to get there. Our Church has been working hard at carving out its direction with lots of prayer and Biblical guidance.

Last week we outlined the ministries we as a Church will be focusing on. As we continue on the theme of direction, we are headed towards ministering to a specific demographic as a Lubbock Church. We will be focusing on families with young children. Every effort moving forward we will be attempting to reach and care for families with young children.

We will continue to use every effort with courage, purpose, and now in the direction of meeting the needs of families with young children. Will you partner with us as we continue our Start With Why journey? Will you pray for this demographic and dream of ways to meet their needs? Let us find ways to more effectively show Jesus to this vital demographic in our community.


– Pastor Geraldo