Confidence is Key! Jokingly I have
said this time and time again to young people
when overcoming challenges and trials…but
the truth is that I also live by this. Often, I am
terrified when I must do new things, but as a
leader I cannot show outwardly that I am
riddled with fear and anxiety. I am a very
anxious person, and unfortunately the Lord
has placed me in a career position that makes
me very uncomfortable.

When you look at scripture, rarely do you read of
individuals that are the best, the most confident, the most
skilled, and even the best looking. As you read about our good
friend Daniel, what do we read? You read about a young person
who was green in life! Daniel and his friends were not college
graduates with a great future mapped out, they were not the
bro’s at the gym who were slinging weight like the social media
influencers you see today, and they weren’t the young people
you see spitting wisdom on TikTok!

In Daniel 1:4 we do read that Daniel and his friends
had certain traits that made them more appealing than others,
but let’s not be mistaken, good looks don’t always align with
confidence. Confidence comes from within and is often unseen.
As we continue reading, about our good friend here, we see
that he had something that none of the other captives did, he
carried himself differently, he spoke differently, he looked
different because he was different! Daniel had the assurance of a
God who was real! Daniel knew that no matter what he and his
friends went through, God was still God!!! Daniels confidence
was key! His confidence was in a God who he knew delivered
his people, his confidence was in a God that you didn’t have to
worship in a way that doesn’t make sense, his God showed up
when called upon, and his God never left him!

Daniel 1:9 tells us that for some reason the leaders of
that time had seen favor upon Daniel in a way that didn’t make
sense. Imagine being taken from your home to a new country, a
new language, new culture, a new way of eating…everything
completely different! Your only hope of a constant would be
the hope and promise of heaven! That hope and promise only
comes by a confidence in what God said… “if I go and prepare a
place for you, I will come back and take you to be with me that you
also may be where I am.” John 14:3.

Now yes, this is New Testament, but the promise of a
salvation was still the same!! Daniel was in a new place but had
confidence in the promise of heaven!!

So, where are you? Do you have confidence in what
Jesus says? Do you have confidence you are making it to
heaven? You should! Without a doubt, you should!!!
Let’s explore more together today! We love visiting our
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Today’s Scripture
Daniel in Nebuchadnezzar’s Court
During the third year of King Jehoiakim’s reign in Judah, King
Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon came to Jerusalem and besieged it.
Daniel 1:1, NLT