This has been quite a ride—finding Jesus in the Book of Revelation at the Lubbock Seventh-day Adventist Church each evening for this one-week intensive!

One thing that has become obvious is that Jesus wants to be in a covenant relationship with us! It usually comes in some form of “I will be your God, and you will be my people.” That’s the deal!

We also noted that we’re in a war. If you live on Planet Earth, you can’t escape it. The question is:

How will you relate to it?
Whose side are you leaning on?
Either way, there are consequences.

How we live right now matters. It matters in little things as well as in big things. God’s people keep following, and clinging to Jesus—no matter what happens.

And here’s the surprise for many people: Even though it seems like Satan will win and Jesus will lose, it turns out to be just the opposite. That’s right, Jesus wins! And it’s so convincing that everyone will wonder how anyone ever thought it might be otherwise.

Friday evening we saw how God deals with wrapping up the sin problem. It won’t continue forever. Sin ends.

Sabbath morning we get to see items you won’t find anywhere else in the entire Bible. And it ends with an invitation for you.

What will be your response?

Pastor Steve Case